Friday, January 04, 2008

New Blog, Shopkeeping in El Salvador

Popped on to Kiva and found a loan in Central America. Marta Lorena Landaverde has a shop in El Salvador and wants capital to expand. With stores, its real easy to understand how more capital translates into more profit and a better life.

El Salvador is a beautiful country. I have only flow in and out of it many times enroute to Teguigalpa, but the route is over the country in the morning and we fly in a little plane pretty low to the ground. Hopefully someday soon I'll visit the countryside on the ground and visit Marta and her store.

So the new blog I am doing is for Kiva in Second Life at the Non Profit commons, it will have all info related to that there. I am going to try to build up the volunteer group and see what wonderful things come about. So far we've done quite a bit, including raising money for 30 loans.

We're having our opening party tomorrow. It will be the first event I've hosted in Second Life. Hope people come! We invited some newsfolk and they have already blogged about us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm more happy than sad, to read your blog. Happy to hear of individuals like your-self, assisting in humble and cool way, those neglected by larger ONG's and our parasite-Goverments.

And I am sad to realize that so many foreigners have the ability to understand and make a difference. Yet our own people are so entrenche in Crap, that we can not see past our noses.

My blessing.... May the Gods to whom ever you pray, and whom ever day are. Grant you all the powers to continue this "Herculanian" and noble labor.

El Vandel