Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sharing Foundation

One of my facebook friends sent this and I donated today, and added a widget for this cause to the side of my blog. In her words:

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with the Sharing Foundation's founder, Dr. Nancy Hendrie, a retired pediatrician in her seventies to work on the final phase of the our America's Giving Challenge fundraising campaign. Dr. Hendrie has been working tirelessly on this campaign using her social networks (mostly offline and email) Yesterday, I had to chance to show her some online social networks like Twitter and Facebook as well as some tools like video blogging. She made made this video with my son, Harry.

Ten years ago, she didn’t want to spend her retirement years on the golf course. Instead, she started Sharing Foundation, an organization that cares for over 1,500 disadvantaged children in Cambodia every day.

Dr. Nancy is an inspiration! She's a shining example of never ending activism and a reminder that you're never too old to change the world. She told me yesterday she might too old for Facebook, so I wanted to show her the power of social media to make a difference.

  • Donate $10 or more to the Sharing Foundation through Global Giving Fundraiser by January 31, 2008

  • If we get the most unique donors, we'll win $50,000 for the Sharing Foundation as part of America's Giving Challenge. With $10 you can help improve the lives of over 1,500 children in one of the world's poorest countries.