Sunday, July 13, 2008


couldn't resist the first loan. A baker in Peru.

Ella is 29 years old. She finished her high school education and speaks Spanish and Aymara (indigenous language). She has two sons that are studying at school. Her dwellings are located in the 24 de junio (June 24th) barrio of Villa Chipana, Pilcuyo District in the province of El Collao

Elizabeth elaborates and sells breads since 10 years ago; a product that she sells every Sunday at the Ilave fair. She belongs to the "Lago Azul" (Blue Lake) Communal Bank. She started with a S/. 300.00 nuevos soles (Peruvian currency) loan that Ella invested in buying three sacks of flour. With this new loan of S/. 1,600.00 nuevos soles (Peruvian currency), which she promises to pay back in 3 months, Ella will buy three sacks of flour, one sack of sugar and wood. Being part of the Communal Bank taught her to be responsible with her payments. Her biggest hope is to be able to buy a house in Puno so her children can continue to study an also she dreams of having a great bakery.

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