Thursday, July 03, 2008


Today I helped out Julia Arlita Sánchez Salinas in Tarapoto - San Martin, Peru.

With this loan for $350, which will be returned after 4 months, she will buy necessary ingredients to prepare her various typical dishes, such as rice, sacks of sugar, gallons of oil, condiments, and so on. She will also buy meats such as beef, chicken, and cubed pork daily so she can prepare a variety of meals to the delight of her customers and others who visit her.

Julia is a happy and enthusiastic woman of 28 years. She is already a succesful woman, and has dreams of getting ahead to forge herself a better future so she can provide her young children with a better education, and like every woman, she dreams of having her own store so her business can continue to grow.


ankur said...

she seems to be an ambitious woman.

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ankur said...

I 'll pray for julia. Its good to see someone believe in humanity .