Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Found this loan searching on my sister's name. Sounds superficial, but I find everyone is worthy. I wish I could help them all.

This loan is to Kiyinki B1 south d Group in Bugiri, Uganda for various enterprises.

Amina is joined in her small group by Lydia Kyazike, Rose Nabwire, Hadija Namutamba, and Hadijah Eya. Lydia Kyazike has a business in paraffin sales and wants to expand her business. Rose Nabwire is currently operating a business selling shoes and clothes and wants a loan to add more to her shoe business. Hadija Namutamba operates a public pay phone business and wants to purchase more credit cards and another phone. Hadijah Eya is currently in the business of selling clothes and is requesting a loan to increase stock.

I am traveling again tomorrow for a few days (Toronto, Canada) but will be trying to change the world from where ever I am. Can't hurt to try.

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The Mad Celt said...

It is a wonderful thing you do with your blog.

Peace and joy...The Mad Celt