Friday, December 05, 2008

Education Generation and Food Drives

I suggested a food drive happen at my gym (Curves, go 6 days/week!) for our local holiday food drive. I've run into a few of the ladies who go there (its a woman's gym) helping sort and distribute food for the Foothill Unity Center, and I know we'll get a good response with donations. Curves usually does a food drive in all their gyms in March and its pretty successful. Food banks are really hurting this year - less donations and more need. Think about passing on some of your excess if you have any.

Education Generation (the new online non-profit to help kids in developing countries get educated) has a few students that need funding by Dec 20th. I donated to Amos Ouma, Fredrick Oyugi, Kennedy Ouma, Josephine Owuor, and Michael Oumo, all promising students from Kenya. You can help them too for $20. And helping a student ends up helping the family which helps the village and the townships and then the entire country. Its supporting the brightest and most ambitious students.

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