Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kiva, Obama and

When worlds collide - I joined a new Obama 'Kiva lending group' - that was just started by a friend. I made a loan to Juliana Odoko in Lagos State, Nigeria in support of the new group.

I also set up accounts and sponsored students for my 'facebook Obama friends'), 13 of them. I only friend people on facebook I know personally, btw. But very few people who I know personally actually know about this blog, I don't publize it.

I made a gift myself to Maria Ritz in Pakistan so she can continue her schooling. She wants to be a teacher and help support her 6 siblings. How about they all become teachers?

Been working on Obama 2.0 - change happening in America. I'm pretty excited about all of the things we've got going already.


Shawn said...

Thanks for all the support Julia, you rock,


PS I only noticed you'd written about us here:

Quite random!

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for posting on my blog at:

If you ever want to be beFriend me on FaceBook, please let me know!

From Lisa

Former foster child:

Current foster care alumni advocate:

Gal who is determined to pull resources together to Change the Odds:

And help young people in my state who are aging out of foster care SURVIVE:

Lotsa love & appreciation,


Julia said...

I would love to be your facebook friend, I've been following your blog for years!