Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Food bank

I donated some money to a few of our local food banks today for the holidays.

Los Angeles Regional Foodbank to pay for 220 meals (it was $55, what a deal!). And to
Union Rescue Mission where I also signed a Christmas card.

The food bank in LA had to turn away thousands of people at Thanksgiving because they ran out of food. I'm starting to see more people on the streets, and its going to get worse.

My own situation got worse this year, my household lost about 80% of its income for about 4 months. But we are back up to 70% of what we got last year, which is enough to pay the bills and buy some rice and beans. We tend to eat cheap so we can help others eat. Its also healthier!


Dave said...

Thanks for supporting with your donations. We do a lot of work for URM and they are an incredible organization that is doing important work for individuals who are homeless. THANK YOU! They can use all the support we can give them.

Julia said...

I think Union Rescue Mission is great. I've been supporting them since I moved to Los Angeles. Really glad there are folks like that around.

Thanks for the comment.