Saturday, December 13, 2008

kiva of course

I made a loan today to Juliana Nartey in Kasoa, Ghana. She wants money to buy more oil for her palm oil business.

I'm also attending a local 'change is coming ' house party. There will be over 20 of us (who signed up, and at least 3 of my friends are going who are not signed up). The Los Angeles event (10 miles or so from us) has over 500 people signed up. We are FIRED UP AND READY TO GO.
As listed on the blog.

The goals of our get-together will be multi-fold, not the least of which will be to keep the grass-roots momentum going. I think that myself and many others view this as not only another political election, but as a progressive movement to really change some of the awful ways our country was run during the Bush administration.

I plan to facilitate a discussion on what we can do locally to help bring about the change we all want, and not just wait for Washington.

I hope that by getting people together, even if we did not know each other before the event, we will leave with some of the same warm feeling we had during the election, knowing there are many others like ourselves out there willing to actually walk the walk ...

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