Sunday, June 07, 2009

Helping Julian in Peru

I made a loan today to Julian in HUANCAYO, Peru. Julián, 34, lives with his wife and children in their own house, which is in their native land. He has been a farmer and raised animals since he was a child. Because he comes from a family of farmers, they taught him everything about this business. He mostly plants potatoes and raises animals like sheep and pigs. His wife and children help him all of the time. Throughout all these years of work, Julián says that what keeps them going economically while they wait for the harvest is the sale of his animals. That is why he is planning to have a bigger stable in the future. He also will extend the fields he cultivates. This is his second loan with MFP. He is one of the most active members of his community bank. He promises, again, to continue to work responsibly. The loan is to buy fertilizers and insecticides to assure a good harvest in the coming months.

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