Monday, June 22, 2009

Kiva loans with Kiva Credit

I made a few loans today to use up some Kiva credit - monies that have been repaid to me.

anzragch Sereeter in Mongolia (Activity: Cloth & Dressmaking Supplies)

Esteban Ramirez in Honduras (Activity: Clothing Sales)

Margarito Amador in Honduras (Activity: General Store)

Georgina del Socorro Mendiola Meneses in Nicaragua (Activity: Retail)


Next Steps:

When the loan needs of each entrepreneur you have sponsored are met, you will receive an email containing the exact date the loan term is beginning. This may take a while after your individual loan transaction was made, as we may need to wait for other lenders to contribute before the total requested loan funding is raised. Generally speaking, loans begin at the beginning of each month.

During the Loan Term:

Throughout the course of the loan term, you will receive repayments from your sponsored business which you can retrieve, re-lend or donate. If, when you created your Kiva profile, you opted to receive updates about Kiva entrepreneurs, you may also receive periodic emails informing you on how things are going with your loan(s). Or, if you opted not to receive updates about Kiva entrepreneurs, you can always read the online journal for your business. If you change your mind about your current preferences, you may update your profile at any time on the Kiva website. We encourage you to post your own comments in response to the journal updates posted, as the partner representatives will be able to read and respond to these comments.

At the end of the Loan Term:

At the end of the loan term, you will receive a final email update with a summary of your sponsored business's overall performance and success in completing the loan repayment, as well as a complete list of options for you to retrieve, re-lend, or donate any repaid loan monies.

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