Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kiva Loans

I made three Kiva loans today.

One was to Yuri in Julica, Peru, he popped up when I searched on Julia and I just wanted to help out the single father who thinks his son is beloved.

I made a loan to Hongorzul Halzan in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 'cause I liked the idea of helping a pub in Mongolia. I would love to go for a drink. It one of the countries near the top of my list I would like to visit.

I made a loan to Maria Angelina Puluc Curup in San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango, Guatemala because I found her business interesting.

She sells comales (dishes used for making tortillas) at the market in her community. She also sells comales in her home. They are made in San Raymundo and they are brought to her ready to sell. She started her business 12 years ago. She needs this loan to invest in more merchandise for the rainy season since she needs to be prepared to handle the season's demand. Because of the rain, not many comales are made during this time. Her dreams are to expand her business and to have her daughters finish their education.