Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Snacks to the Vets

I dropped off 'snacks' to the VA (Veterans Administration) Hospital volunteer office today. I brought a flat of 'cup of noodles' - just add hot water, and a few packages of cookies individually wrapped. I'm trying to keep the volunteer office stocked with food, so hungry vet patients don't end up stealing anything and getting put in jail. Apparently this was an issue. So I spend a few dollars a week buying snacks and dropping them off on Wednesday's when I'm there for work. I've gotten into a routine with it, its real easy for me and its worth the effort for our vets.


Unilove said...

Hello Julia:

Is this the Va Hospital near the Federal Bldg, near Westwood, CA? That is not far from me... maybe I can do the same... who would I contact there?

Unilove aka Lisa

Julia said...

Yes, that's the VA. I would imagine all VA's have a need and a volunteer office.

At the West VA the volunteer office is on the first floor, in between the main door and the cafeteria. You can ask just about anyone, or at the information by the main door.

They appreciate magazines and paperback novels. And for snacks - anything they can give hungry vets that can be easily cooked or eaten. Also drinks. I pick stuff up at the 99 cent only store.

BTW, the vets have a garden and garden store - lots of great plants (I got a few fruit trees) and they sell veggies they grow. Prices are fantastic. Its over on old campus near where the new farmer's market is, on the road that goes under the freeway to Veterans Rd (by the cemetery). They sometimes have the store open by the west door, but it has erratic hours.

Unilove said...

Thanks :) It's not far and it's not hard. Appreciate the details and opportunity to do more :)

Julia said...

"its not far and its not hard"

That pretty much sums up why I do things. Small bit of effort on my part does something to help someone.