Thursday, August 23, 2007

Its all about timing

I just logged on the KIVA site and found these 4 weaver loans. While I was waiting for paypal to log me in I got an email from my KIVA informant Kay telling me about the weaving loans. Kay is great, she sends me notices on loans I might like. I really appreciate it, as the loans go so quickly now and I don't have as much time to spend on the site. I'm not there every hour anymore, but I do still go several times a day. And when Kay sends me notices and I get them on time.

The weavers I loanded to are Angelina Guanta Tucupa who uses a mechanical weaving loom. Reyes Espantzay Serech weaves the tradional blouses,.

Elisabet Jerez Chamale Elisabet rents her small one-room shack in the back of a parking lot for about US$20/month, plus $5/month for electricity. She’s put cardboard all around the inside walls to keep the wind out. Although yarn is fairly expensive, at about $7/pound, she is making huipiles that sell for up to $10, so is finally making a little bit of economic progress. Elisabet is also buying and reselling huipiles woven by other women. She dreams of someday having her own store, maybe a big store with woven goods.

Maria Chán Ambrosio also weaves huipis and dreams of owning a store. I am so happy I can help these women. I think I'm going to bring thier weaving into second life. And see about buying their goods.

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Khaled Al-Sharif said...

It is very nice to see people doing good work, thank you.