Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kiva and Obama

Had a Kiva morning, spending hours with Joe (Skeeboo) in second life, learning about our new holodeck. We will be able to recreate many different scenes. Will come in handy in our office.

This afternoon was the Obama BBQ with over 50 people showing up. I finally got to put faces to names. There were several other events in LA that day, so I didn't get to see everyone. Signed us up for a few parades. I've never been in a parade before. And now I appear to be organizing 3 of them! Doo Dahing and all.

I made two kiva loans today, 'cause I wanted to. I know there were only 20 loans left. But I wanted to lend to Nataliya for her clothing business in the Ukraine, I've been looking at her picture for days now. And I haven't had a loan to Mexcio in a while. So Sra. Adriana Gonzalez has a clothing store in Mexico .

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