Monday, August 27, 2007

Loans and loans

I wasn't intending on loaning, but I popped over to the kiva site and saw a loan for a pub.
Edwin Bar has a sucessful one in Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria and wants to buy a freezer and more chairs. His loan is already funded

After I got his loan, I saw Munojot's loan, she's in Isfara, Tajikistan and her husband is a seasonal worker in Russia. I hope her store does well enough so he can move home. Her loan is already funded.

Then I decided to lend to the oldest loan, Sra. Luz Maria Gómez who wants money to fix her house. I can see why her loan is unattractive, she says she's sick and has no money so people are probably wondering how she will pay it back. I have faith the MFI has figured that one out. But we'll see.

The most unpopular loan was to Jose Feliciano Delgado Carrizales, who also wants a house loan. He is standing in front of a beautiful house that he wants to make more secure. He got this house through a government program, so he's probably quite poor and in his best clothes. And his house probably isn't in a safe part of town. At least our section 8 housing doesn't tend to be.
Both these loans still need $400. Let see how long they take to fund, and which funds first. I'm guessing Jose.

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