Monday, December 03, 2007

Changing people's lives with Kiva.

Among the many qualities of the clients of ComUnidad del Tul (term that Friendship Bridge uses to describe a Communal Bank), there is one that is worth emphasizing – the harmony that exists between the two different ethnic groups: Mayas Kachikeles and ladinas (descendents of Europe), that constitute the group. It is remarkable to see women that belong to different cultures work, organize themselves and get along so well. This characteristic particularly stands out when the Board of Directors, which consists of ladina and Maya Kachikel women, work together in a harmonious and effective manner.

The great majority of these women were weavers before receiving their first loan through Friendship Bridge. Many of them helped their mothers embroider huipiles (traditional Guatemalan dresses). However, with the loan they will receive from Kiva, our clients have chosen to change their path toward a more prosperous one.

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