Thursday, December 20, 2007

Running and running and running

So it seems politics can take all your spare time and more. I have been working on doing whatever I can for the Obama campaign and its left me little time for blogging or secondlifeing. There is a fierce URGENCY OF NOW. Everything we do RIGHT NOW really helps, where they won't matter at all in a few months. less than 3 weeks till the first primary (Iowa) and less than 40 days till our primary (Feb 5th). And after that it will be over. Almost all of the delegates will be assigned by Feb 5th. I am actually predicting a landslide, but that's because I see how hard we have been working and how much the Obama campaign is so much more together than any of the other campaigns.

Tonight I am running a phone bank in Monrovia, California and I'll be tabling in Pasadena on Saturday. And in my spare moments I'm doing data coordinating for our CD and processing volunteers.

I did choose a loan for our Kiva Shopping Club, and then made a personal loan to the same place. Its to a OCOSINGUENZAS 3 Group in Mexico; a group loan to various people.

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