Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Kiva anniversary to me

Today is my one year Kiva anniversary. One year ago today I found Kiva. My how my life has changed!
I spent hours today organizing our new Kiva in SL office in the Non profit Commons. We're going to have our party Jan 5th 10:30-12 sl time. All are invited . There will be door prizes. Now I have to plan my first party!

In honor or my anniversary I made 3 loans - two have Julia's in them. The Julian Amuge's Group in Uganda is part of a new MFI (new to Kiva). The Julia Ramos Ayme's Group in Ayacucho, Peru. They will invest the money in cinnamon, mushrooms, cloves, noodles, milk, rice, sugar and sodas, as well as wool, dyes and threads. All of these woman have a dream that their children will receive a good education and become professionals, that their businesses continue to grow, and that they will have happy family lives.

I also made a loan to Flor del Lago Panajachel Group in Guatemala. I just love helping those large groups. Me and piles of my kivafriends!

I made a loan to Kusirikuy Group in Peru a few days ago and forgot to mention it.

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randulo said...

I guess SL is why you're disappeared from FL? You're still a remarkable human being, Julia! I've only been with Kiva since last February, but I've got 44 loans under my belt and things are still advancing nicely.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2008!