Friday, February 01, 2008

Kiva and countdown to super Tuesday

I haven't recorded all the things I have been doing on the Obama campaign, because I have been too busy doing things for the campaign. But soon we will vote, and my (almost) year long efforts will be over.

I used a Kiva credit to make a loan to Guatemala, to the Brisas del lago Panajachel Group.


Rusty said...


Thanks for all the effort you have placed into the Obama Campaign. I saw this morning that Clinton was projected with a 10% lead in CA over Obama. Bummer!! But I do hope the Republicans are booted from the White House. That would be victory enough!


Julia said...

Even though we didn't win California, we did stop Clinton from taking all the delegates. I am so thrilled that we have come from 'not having a chance' to being competitive, and even winning more delegates. That we can do this against the biggest political machine in American history is amazing.

I'm sorry I'm not so partisan. I want the neocons out of office, but not enough to ever vote for a Clinton. I actually think McCain is more liberal and will be a better president.