Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hats on Kiva

Did a search on 'Julia' and found a great loan - a Peruvian lady wearing a hat. My sister loves those hats. And sure enough, she is also on the loan. As are a few other friends.

I am still in a fantastic mood because of the election results. I can't believe we went against the largest political machine in American history, and won. We were supposed to get knocked out of the race, and now we find out the other campaign is in serious financial trouble and we can raise millions in hours. I have been told by so many people for so long that she was inevitable, and it just feels so wonderful that the candidate of the people is doing so well. We really are going to win, and change the way politics works in this country. Obama will bring dignity and respect back to the White house, which hasn't been there for decades. YES WE CAN!!!!!


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