Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Helping Guatemalan Women via KIVA

My loan today was to the "Las Trabajadoras Tolimán" group, Guatemalan women from the the San Gregorio neighborhood in San Lucas Tolimán, Sololá. This group of women is sure to pay the loan back, and it will help the community in so many ways.

Some of the women will use the money to purchase products to restock their stores, such as eggs, sugar, salt, soap, and detergent. Others will invest in corn, beans, and coffee in bulk, which they will then sell to their communities. The rest will go towards colorful threads and fabric to make their weavings.

The dream of the women of Las Trabajadoras Tolimán is to provide as best they can for their children. They are overcoming their hardships and determined to provide an education for their children, in order that they can have a better future.

I think Kiva is going to have a significant effect on the next generation.

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