Friday, February 29, 2008

Julia in Guatemala

Found a loan to a Julia in Kiva today - in a group from Guatemala from one of my favorite Micro finance institution.

The majority of the 28 women are artisans, born and raised in a region known for its beautiful weavings. Of the 28 women, 11 are asking for a loan of 32,500 quetzales ($4,275), ranging from $300 to $400 per person. All of these women will invest their loans in weaving and embroidery businesses, purchasing thread and fabric for intricate huipiles (traditional woven blouses, like the ones in the picture), skirts, scarves, and blankets. The supplies they purchase come from the nearby town of Santiago de Atitlán. One woman also sells firewood, the main source of fuel in the area, to supplement her weaving business. She will use about 25% of her loan to invest in firewood.

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