Thursday, March 27, 2008


I've been helping change the world on facebook (along with getting back in touch with people from the past; old friends, schoolmates, crushes and even an old babysitter).

On facebook you can promote specific charities by joining groups and have pages (Kiva has a page!), and there are applications that allow you to 'click' for non-profits. For example, The Hunger Site has an app. you can put on your facebook page. You can help save the rainforest with 'Lil Green Patch'.

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Lo said...

How about starting a "How I Changed the World Today" group on facebook? This is such an amazing idea and it would be great to start a group to get others to start making changes to better the world each day - even if group members aren't able to meet the goal of daily changes, each person doing one thing a week, month, or year that they wouldn't have done otherwise is an improvement.

Kudos to you for your energy and devotion to this approach to life. I hope you consider forming a facebook group to inspire others to look beyond themselves to how they can improve the world too. (And hey, forming the facebook group counts as your change for the day!)