Saturday, March 15, 2008

Honduran Girls Education Project

I got a very encouraging update from the Honduran Girl's Education Project.The project is located in the Department of Valle in Honduras that is a very arid and impoverished area. The goal of the project are to encourage young girls to go beyond grade 3 education and finish high school. The pilot project was started in 1997 and has become more successful than anticipated.

This is proving to be a MOST INTERESTING PILOT PROJECT! How far will these young women go? They began to be inspired at a time in their lives when they were most impressionable. All the years of encouragement and support have nurtured them to be “unusual”. How can we not try to support them as they seek their goals to help create change that would help to improve lives. Nine, that we know of so far, are now enrolled in university courses and many more have the desire.

This project is run on a very small scale, and I am in personal contact with the main organizer, Carolyn Cruikshank . This year I am sponsoring a university student, and I enclose an additional amount for discretionary funds, because there are always unexpected expenses. I think its a great project that is really helping with very limit resources.

Please consider sponsoring a girl.

It has been documented many times over in international development literature that one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty is to empower the women of any developing country. If women can obtain more education, avoid early pregnancies and the subsequent burden of overly large families, and learn a skill to enable them to earn more money, then the whole country benefits because a significant positive change will have taken place in the social structure. Worldwide, the mean educational achievement of girls is 40% below that of boys, yet as women, they are the primary educators of the next generation. Research shows that educating girls yields the highest rate of return compared to any other investment in human development.

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