Saturday, March 01, 2008

kiva loans

I got a few loans redeemed so reinvested in our world.
I chose the first one because it was the first I saw and noone else had bid yet. Its to Mursal, who wants to be able to purchase the electrical supplies he uses himself and charge the home owner, rather than have them buy it. Sounds like good business. I must say I find it strange to see how the adds justify why he wants more money. Eg.
Mursal, the father of a girl, works as an electrician (home installation technician). Through his work he has been able to support his wife and child. Nonetheless, he wants to increase his earnings.

Here in North America its the norm to want to make more money, and its totally ok to want a better life.

I also made a loan to a women's group in Uganda. It was one of the oldest loans. I wish them all success.

I'm off to run a Get Out the Vote party here in Pasadena for OBAMA. If anyone wants to make phone calls to Texas today, come on by!

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smsinspire said...

Few people like you Inspires and Motivate the people to realize for the green globe .
Even myself like to spread peace in this World by Inspiring and Motivating People.
I motivated and glad to join your mission for a good cause.
Madhusudhan Surya,