Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Counting the Homeless

I signed up today to count the homeless at the end of the month.

The Homeless Count gives us the information we need to prevent and end homelessness in our communities. On January 27, 28 or 29th, you will help collect the data that we need to:

• Preserve $72 million in Federal funds for local homeless programs;
• Raise awareness in your community about the issue of homelessness; and
• Target housing and services to fit the needs of homeless people.

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Rita said...

considering theme of your post, I wanted to tell you about Taste of the NFL (http://www.TasteoftheNFL.com). It is an event held the eve of the Super Bowl to raise money to tackle hunger in America. The beauty of it though is that people don't need to attend to help. They can donate online. One way to help change the world today. I look forward to hearing back.
Rita (rklein@landaupr.com)