Monday, January 26, 2009

Education Generation

I donated to Education Generation today through facebook - through their new cause page. I'm the first, and I'm hoping to start a trend.

I also made a donation to Benter Achieng in Kenya.


Literacy 'n' Poverty Project said...

That's great, Julia. Education Generation sounds like a wonderful organization using technology to increase access to higher education. Reminds me of, though with this group is not a loan but more like a grant if I'm correct. Regardless, fabulous idea!

I run a startup organization that works to alleviate poverty and improve adult education worldwide, so learning about Education Generation was right up my ally. I felt compelled to write a comment! I'm sure the students of Education Generation really appreciate your support.

Thanks for sharing you "act of kindness" with us.

Be well,
Chanelle Carver
Founder & Executive Director
Literacy 'n' Poverty Project

Julia said...

Thanks for the comment!

Education Generation does give out grants and not loans, so you don't get your money back like You do get updates about the students.

I really like this non-profit because investing in education has such a larger effect. These kids will now be able to finish schooling and get better jobs, and help their families (as well as be great role models for younger siblings). Many want to be teachers who will in turn teach other students.