Friday, January 09, 2009


I made a loan today to the ANGELICA BERNAL VIZCARRA Group. It was the oldest loan on Kiva.

The “El Sol” group, represented by Ms. Angelica Bernal, is comprised of residents of the same neighborhood, which means that they have all known each other for many years. The members own small stands and sell groceries, fast food, cosmetics and bread. Some members have their own cleaning service. As in all commercial spheres, the law of supply and demand always comes into play, but over the years, the members have acquired experience in retail, which means that they know that they will overcome any problem that may arise. The loan from Fundación Agrocapital will be used to purchase products and supplies to restock their stands and improve the quality of their products. Most of the members have experience with solidarity groups, but this is the first time they work in this mode with Fundación Agrocapital. They guarantee that they are honorable and responsible people, which is why they have been given the opportunity to improve both their quality of life and that of their families.

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savingadvice said...

It is such a great organization. I am hoping with the change in administration that there is a new willingness from everyone to do their part and a little good on a daily basis. There are so many opportunities to make the world a little better that don't cost a lot or take a lot of time. -- Do Good