Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great Hat

Couldn't resist this loan, love the brickmaking and the hat.

Luisa is 49 years old and lives with her husband in their own home. She works in her own brick-making operation, which she acquired 2 years ago. It all began as a family project with the acquisition of a piece of land with clay dirt (material needed to make bricks), and the results were good so now she has given a piece of the land to each of her children so that they can have their own production. This does not affect her as there is a high demand for bricks. She currently produces up to 23,000 a month and has hired people to help her. Luisa pays them for each 1,000 bricks and spends all day supervising their work. She hopes to keep working because she wants to continue to improve the quality of her product. This is the third time she has had a loan with MFP. She is pleased to be part of the communal bank and will keep working responsibly for the well-being of everyone. The money she requests will be used to buy a truck-load of sawdust which will cost an average of 1,200 soles and another part will be used to pay her employees since their production will increase.

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