Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kiva loan

I found a loan to a caterer in Guatemala who started from her grandmother. What a great loan.

Maria Angélica, as a little girl, took the initiative at the age of eight to help her grandmother in the preparation of food, which was her grandmother's business. Later she helped her grandmother at the market sell the variety of food that she prepared. After a time, Angélica worked with her grandmother to sell the food in little bags to the shoppers in the local market of Sumpango. After several years, her grandmother gave her the opportunity to share the sales giving her three days each week to sell the food, which helped her gain experience in food sales. Eventually, her grandmother was not able to continue with the business of food sales and left the business to Angélica, which gave her the opportunity to take responsibility for the business and change the types of food sold to obtain more earnings. Now she works on her own budget, which is why she needs a loan to buy merchandise in large quantities at an agreeable price, and in this way make greater earnings. Her desire is to increase her business to support her family and help meet the daily needs of life.

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