Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just can't resist those Teguigalpa, Honduras loans

I just can't resist it. Seriously. I was trying real hard not to do any Kiva loans so there would be loans left for new people. Kiva loans are going fast, and that's such a great thing.

But I really wanted to participate on these loans. They went straight to my heart, they are in Teguigalpa, Honduras. I know the city so well, and it brings me such to joy to be able to help people there.

Like Estebina Ramos who has a kiosk near the county hospital. I'm pretty sure that is the Hospital Escuela, where I have been several times to meet with neurology residents. And I was there for the grand opening of the EEG machine. Next time I'm there I will go looking for Estebina and her kiosk.

Dunia Aracely Hernandez is obviously just starting out her business, she only wants $150 for supplies. I can just see her entire world changing as her business grows and grows with Kiva.

And Carlos Javier Fiallos needed $150 to repair his taxi.