Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kiva loans to Mexico

I found myself with Kiva withdrawls today, it seems like forever since I've made a loan. First I spent some time getting my current loans organized, I made a binder and printed them all, and organized them according to region and country and date of loan. I made a special sections for Honduras and Mexico. I have a total of 84 loans now, but only 4 to Mexico.

So I went hunting for a Kiva loan, and found this great one to Armando Villafaña Pavón to buy a closed circuit security system for his electronics store in Nuevo Laredo , Mexico. Nuevo Laredo is just across the Rio Grande from Texas, so its a border city.


minotte's notes said...

I always visit your blog. I must congratulate you on your mission and accomplishments (so many loans out).

More power and God bless!

Jeff said...

Alright... another binder-freak!;)

84 loans is amazing work Julia! 100 soon perhaps?