Friday, April 20, 2007

Loan to Julia Nancy in Ecuador, how can I resist?

I was scanning the Kiva loans and came across a loan to Julia Nancy Leyton in Guayaquil , Ecuador. She runs Señora Nancy Store and wants to expand her product and eventually move to another location. Its a hard job running a corner store. She works long hours and spends almost all her time in the shop. Her kids help out, because convince stores truly are family businesses, even her in North America.

Sometimes I look at the kids in the pictures and wonder how much their lives change from this loan. But I of course, chose this one, because of her name. I couldn't turn her down.

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Jeff said...


You couldn't resist huh? Me neither! We are both co-lenders to Julia albeit for different reasons. I liked the look of subtle mischief in her son's eyes and question for you, what IS he holding anyway?;)

Too bad I'm not likely to see a 'Jeff' pop up as readily as your 'Julia', but mark my words, when I do see him, I'm lending!