Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mexico - so close to home.

I made two loans to Mexico today through Kiva, to build up our Mexican portfolio. I just feel that we, as North Americans/Californians, have a special duty to help Mexico. So I loaned today to Griselda Reyes Regalado in Acuna , Mexico so she could buy a cart to sell her Veracruz-style tamales. Right now she sells them from her table in pots.
The second loan was to Dora Alicia Menchaca González in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico who just wants to increase her stock. She sells out each week and can see that if she had more she could sell more. No one else had bid on her loan and its not that new, so lets see how long it takes to fund.

I think I have been influenced in my desire to help Mexico by Agents of Change. And I am still helping them organize the LA event on June 6th. I have also been doing some emailing on YouTube to try to get people to join the Kiva YouTube Contest. So far I got 1 hit! I emailed with her a few times and she made a submission, and we're waiting for it to appear in YouTube. Apparently there is a delay.

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