Friday, October 19, 2007

Kiva, Honduras, Southern Poverty Law Center, City of Hope, and Futures for Children

Made a loan today to Erika Damaris Hernandez Espinal for her seamstressing business in Honduras. I just love her machine.

I also donated to a few of my regular charities, I made my monthly donation to Futures for Children to help Navaho kids finish school (my sponsoree is in college this year!) I donated to a local cancer hospital (City of Hope) for their fantastic research and care they offer. And I donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center to help offset costs they are occuring by having thier office vandalized due to a recent court hearing.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the biggest groups that keeps track of hate groups and hate crimes and helps victims. The lawsuit is against klansmen who viciously beat a 16-yer-old boy of Lation descent. The klans men have threatened to blow up the Center. The Center does a lot of very important work besides helping victims, it monitors their activities and provides teaching tolerance programs. THE NUMBER OF HATE GROUPS IN THE US IS RISING, mainly due to anti-immigration groups.

I've also been donating to the Obama campaign to help close the gap; Hillary raised more than him this quarter (though she's giving a significant amount back) so Obama has cleverly done a fundraising and raised 2 million dollars over the last few days.

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