Friday, October 05, 2007

Honduran's Girls Education Fund

Yesterday I sent off my yearly donation to the Honduran Girls School Fund. This year I sent enough to sponsor a university student ($200/year!) and a bit more for discretionary funds, 'cause I know Caroline runs things on a tight budget.

The project is pretty amazing. (I found it a few years ago just by searching for ways to help Honduras on the web). The project was started in 1995 with the goals of helping poor girls get more than a grade 3 education. The response has been incredible, of the 100 initial students something like 9 of them are in university, one is in medical school. They never expected that. I think this is the first year that they have formalized sponsoring a university student. Tuition is free, so they just need help with books, transportation, etc.

They are having a meeting in Honduras January, and I think I'll try to attend. It will be at the start of the primaries and I will be needed a vacation. I have been doing lots of Obama things - had our real life meeting last night to discuss the October 13th canvass. We got new coordinators in our group - YAH! I can pass on a few of my hats.

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