Wednesday, October 17, 2007

kiva yesterday, kiva today, kiva tomorrow

Getting behind in my posts; having a busy week. PTSD genetics grant proposal is going in to the Department of Defense tomorrow. Had a collaborator in town these past few days. Learning Obama databases. And lending when I get a chance.

I made two loans to Uganda to people my kivafriend Glenda met when she was there, she even convinced them to become Kiva clients. I felt like I got to know them when I helped her put her pictures on the kivafriends board, so I had to bid on their loans! Daphne Kasiri
has a tailoring shop, and Sharifa Nalule has a craft store. As you can see in the description, they were encouraged to get a kiva loan by a kiva lender. How amazing is that!

I also managed to get a few more loans to Honduras, thanks to Kay (and my glasses breaking so I was home today after I got them fixed). MarĂ­a Valladares will be able to stock up on her creams and such for the Christmas rush.
Cecilia Alvarez has a clothing store and wants to buy more stock.
Debmy Osorto wants to buy more stock for her store, she sells clothes and jewlery.
The nice thing about lending to Honduras is that the MFI (microfinance institute) is Prisma, and they pay the clients right away. So these people will have money in hand in days. Some of the other MFIs can't afford to do this and it takes a while till they get paid. 45.4% of my loans are to Honduras!
I also loaned to Maximo Nicolas Perez to help his store, he's also in Honduras.
We have 269 loans.

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