Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Peace rallys and meetings

Went to a peace-rally yesterday. It was the 5th anniversary of Barack Obama's speech where he says NO MORE DUMB WARS. Hard to believe its been so many years. $275 million dollars a day we are spending on our dumb war. And then there is the real loss, the deaths and displacements of so many people. Our troops who will come home to PTSD and not much support. They are already starting to overwhelm our homeless shelters.

Last night was the Obama in Second Life meeting, which I seem to have become the secretary for. It becoming a looooooong primary season.

That ball of white light is actually the owner of the headquarters. You don't have to be human to be a Second Life Obama supporter.


H-F-blady said...

really im enjoyed to discover ur blog :)
But Do ya realy think that we can Change this world?

Julia said...

i think everyone lives in a world of their own making. And worlds are easy to effect. Sometimes a smile changes someone's world.

Today I left some bottled water by a homeless person sleeping. They will wake up to a different world.

Julia said...

and thanks for reading my blog and being positive. People like you make the world a better place.