Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I got a letter from a solider in Iraq who I sent a package to a while back. I don't often get letters back, and I totally understand that they are too busy. They make me cry when I get them.

Daniel (of the 82n Airborn Division, Fort Bragg) is 24 years old, has been in the miliary for 51/2 years, and is on his third deployment to Iraq. He has a 'beautiful wife' and no kids.

He says 'getting mail around here is like finding gold. And getting packages is like winning the lottery'.

Sending packages is easy, there is a list of things soldiers might want on the website (, and I just think 'desert' and get what I can. I go to the 99 cent only store so it doesn't break my bank, and fill up 'priority mail' boxes from the post office. The boxes are free (and you can even order them online). The hard part is to write notes to people you haven't met who are involved in a war you don't believe in. And not tell them that.

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