Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hospitals in Honduras and Kiva

I started a blog yesterday when I got home but feel asleep. Had a long day - a collaborator from Honduras was in town and we worked on projects to help find genes for epilepsy. She also told me about a new clinic that is opening this week for the poor in Honduras. Its going to be a full-run service will all the specialties, and hopefully eventually have a hospital attached that local universities will be part of. Its been 10 years in the planning, so its exciting that its happening. The web site is here. I'll ask Reyna today to set up a paypal or something so we can easily donate. I'm also going to try to get a local volunteer to coordinate equipment and supply donations. There is a lot of medical places around here that might donate. If you know any, please contact me or them.

I didn't make a Kiva loan yesterday 'cause I decided to only use my credit and not add any money till they have more loans to offer. But this morning I awoke to 3 credits, so I used one for a loan to Riffah Acmed in Pakastan for her restaurant. The picture looks wrong though, they look like sewers. So they may not be the people I lent to. Oh well, I'm sure it will go to good use.

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