Saturday, September 22, 2007

Parading for Obama

Today I went to the Route 66 and paraded for Obama. It was pouring rain while we waited for the parade to start, but it cleared up when we walked. We got a great reception, lots of people enthusiastic.

Yesterday and today I organized debate-watching parties in second life for the 4 debates. We're going to have them at Capitol Hill and I've contacted all the groups. Not sure what else to do, I'm thinking of inviting food people or something to make it fun. And to get other people there. The whole point of this is to try to encourage more people to take part in the democratic process. People need to connect and feel more apart of the system. So many people think they can't change anything. I guess I've changed so many things that I know its not true. Often one little idea blows up and takes off. Today I had an idea (ok, I had many) but this one I acted on. I responded to a post from someone in New Hampshire who mentioned they were prepared for the debate. I said I would love to be there ('cause I used to live there) and that got me thinking about donations for virtual presence. So I suggested to them that they collect donations and put up balloons or something representing people. It will be a good fundraiser, as well as a good visual of support. They liked the idea. I need to tell it to the other debate sites. Could be a trend!

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