Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy week in the UK

I've been in England for the last week, at an international meeting of Genetic Epidemiologists. We are people trying to treat and cure genetic diseases. The meeting was in York and I quite enjoyed the historical city. I also liked hanging out with old friends, and making some new ones.

My Kiva account had $125 credit when I returned (from paid back loans), but I only used $25 to lend to Phally SOK who weaves scarfs in Cambodia. Kiva has been doing very well since President Clinton was on Oprah last week discussing it, and he has mentioned Kiva in his book. Since that time the number of loans have been few and they get funded quickly. I need to do more sharing and let others give their money too. What a great world I live in, where people compete to help others. You live in the world you create, and I am glad I live in a world full of caring people who create positive change in the world. I'm glad I'm not cynical and bitter, as so many people are.

I'm not even that upset that I once again missed meeting Obama, and missed my chance to meet Oprah. I was invited to the event she just had for Obama, but once again I was out of town. I also missed being on a panel for KIVA, but I got a great person to do it and I'm sure Kiva was well represented. I attended a meeting today in second life about a new non-profit sim, that Kiva will have an office in because I have been attending meetings.

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