Sunday, September 16, 2007

Embroiderers and Cheese Makers

I made a loan yesterday to Pascuala in Mexico, to help her with her embroidery. She also runs a door and window making business. I admire all the ways she is trying to make money. I can relate. I think people need to be creative in this word, and flexible. And why not have your hobbies pay?

This morning I used my last Kiva credit and made a loan to Mario In Boliva. His was the last loan, Kiva still has more people caring and lending than they have loans at the moment. This is a great thing. It shows that there are more nice, caring people willing to take a chance on strangers, than the other kind. I'm hoping there will be enough of our kind to just change the world.

This may be my last Kiva loan for a bit, I'm not going to add new money, just use up my credits. This is all good.

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