Sunday, September 02, 2007

kiva, more catching up.

Well, I had time to make loans yesterday but didn't have time to post about them. And all thanks to Kay for pointing out the loans. I have been busy, I am going to England tomorrow and have a few things to do before hand.

Today I loand to Isidora Florinda, Gloria Isabel and Idalia Marleny in Honduras.

Yesterday I loaned to Kaneez Fatima and to Fakhra Bibi , both who are helping their husbands with tailoring shops in Pakistan.

Hopefully I will get the chance to post again before I go. I am going to try to limit my computer use while I'm away, so I may not be posting for a while. I'm flying back Sept. 11th.

3 comments: said...

What does a "Loan" mean?

Rudi said...

I think you're doing a great job Julia. All these small efforts do make a change.

Julia said...

A loan is when you lend money and get it back. It differs from a gift or grant because the money doesn't come back. But with a loan you get it back.

I sometimes say 'loan' when I mean 'loan to a client'.