Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kiva loans, Obama meetings, and Second Life

Found some great Kiva loans yesterday - To Reymundo Sanchez in Teguigalpa, Honduras, to help him with his corner store. And to Betty Adriazola, La Paz / El Alto, Bolivia. My sister told me about Betty's loan, she is a lender and pointed out it was a 'divorced Betty with 2 kids'. Just like our mom!

I also went to my Obama organizing meeting and of course updated it on my Obama blog. I have too many blogs! I did some fundraising yesterday and will again today to try to get our numbers up for the end of the quarter. Once again its time for the candidates to compare. I am also trying to win a group fundraising challenge - we have a chance of getting a conference call by Obama to our Second LIfe group. That means we will be able to try to get him into Second Life.

IF YOU COULD (American Citizens) could you please consider donating $5 to the Obama campaign through this link? We only need about 3-5 more people to donate to win. The amount doesn't matter but feel free to give more than $5. And it has to be by Sunday Evening (tonight) to count. Donate here. AND THANK YOU.

Please help an avatar talk to her candidate.

Also did some Kiva Second Life Land selling - found a few nice people willing to buy part of the land, then found a wonderful new friend who bought the whole thing then decided to just keep it and pay us the money. She's trying to change the world in Second Life, so I think we'll be having some great discussions. I can't wait to see her land and what she's done. I'm working on a Kiva Yard sale on my land.

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DrowseyMonkey said...

Inspiring post as always! I'm not too familiar with the second life, I'll have to do some reading-up on that. Thanks.