Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Agents of Change

So I heard about Agents of Change on the 24 hour Kiva Talk-a-thon and I checked out their website. They are a group of bikers who have set up a non-profit to support Kiva. They are 'Riding for Change' and thier first big event will be to raise $1,000,000 driving down the West coast from Vancouver to Mexico. The money will be invested perpetually in Kiva loans in Mexico.

So I contacted them, and asked them what they were doing in LA. They don't have a contact here yet (so nothing planned), so I became the contact and am helping to organize the LA event. So far I've sent out a few emails to the Kivaloans yahoo group and the Fairtrade LA group, and have already gotten a few replies with help. I am totally open to comments and suggestions. I've never done this before.

I also posted an idea to several Obama groups, suggesting that people start talk shows for Obama on talkshoe.com. Lets see if that idea takes off. I don't have the time or voice.

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Willy Pickett said...

Julia, will you host the show? I'll do the tech part (yeah, I know you're a scientist, but you'll need help).

Write me at kiva -at- talkthon.org

Randy (ignore whatever pseudo I'm logged in as)