Friday, March 02, 2007

Helping Julia in Honduras.

Had to jump on this Kiva loan to help Julia Ester Segura Mendoza in Honduras. She wants to expand her store and purchase more stock.

With a wonderful name like hers, and coming from Honduras, I just had to help her out. She is also in Danli, Honduras.

Since I think my loans get lonely if I only get one at a time, I found another one and choose another seamstress to support.

Pola Toeava is from Levi Saleimoa , Samoa. Pola is gifted by God with the talent of sewing. And she has over 20 villagers coming to her for sewing supplies, so she has set herself up with a small business. She sell sewing supplies, and needs the loan to buy more supplies.

I am not sure what the award is for, but I betcha she is proud of it!

One of the nice things about Kiva is that you get to help the community leaders, which brings everyone up.

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