Saturday, March 10, 2007

Helping Angel the container seller in Honduras

I just found this loan on Kiva and had to bid, it the first bid to Jose Angel Rivas in Comayaguela , Honduras. This loan was on page 3 and had no bids!

I think Jose will do well with his plastic wares. I am so glad that Prisma Microfinancing is in Honduras and is able to loan to Jose so he doesn't have to borrow at the ridiculous rate of 80%. I even seen it as high as 125% in some parts of Honduras.

I am so glad Kiva lets us do this.


Leonard Sadorf said...

You exhaust me. I check KIVA every day or two and never seem to stay abreast of everything going on.

Maybe that's good. Maybe that shows that our little bit makes it possible to do another little bit somewhere else?

I am enthused by it all and am glad you are too.


Julia said...

Its hard to keep up with Kiva.

Loans are funding fast.

I think that is very much a good thing.