Saturday, March 31, 2007

Honduras, Honduras, Honduras, Honduras

Well, I found many loans to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. And how convenient that they showed up at the beginning of the month when I still have funds in my budget!

The first loan was to Braulio Ramon Rivera who is a welder and needs $200 for metal parts.

The second loan was to Benita Obex Gonzales and she wants $1000 for tortilla making supplies.

The third loan was to Yovanni Omar Soto Garcia who wants $600 to buy more supplies for his office supply store.

The fourth loan was to
Mauro Rodolfo Zepeda
he wanted $275 to buy autoparts. He runs a taxi service from the big University (National Autonomous University), which is a great spot. Even I have taken taxis from there!

I love loaning to Honduras, it reminds me of how wonderful it is there. It also reminds me I have to get computer specs to a colleague in Honduras. We are setting up the first molecular genetics lab in the country; the Minister of Health has agreed to pay for the new lab. I am an official collaborator and will be directing the statistical aspects. We have been working towards this for years, so its very exciting that we finally have funding support.

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